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How To Download

1. Turn off AdBlock, because we get revenue from ads, so please turn off the ad block for a while so that we keep the update spirit 😦

2. Select the video resolution you want to download. Later it will automatically open a new tab.

3. Click “I’M A HUMAN” as shown below, if you are told to fill in the captcha fill it and continue to wait 3-5 seconds. Later there will be some pop-up ads and you close the ad (CTRL +W if using a laptop / PC), until you return to the ouo.io page as shown below.

4. After that wait 3 seconds and then click on the words “GET LINK”. Usually just click get link will appear 2-3 pop-up ads, you can skip the ad immediately (Do as in point 3).

5. Well, it can be directly watched gan. If you want to download just you look for the words “DOWNLOAD VIDEO” like below

6. The point is that you have to focus on the same buttons that we have CAPSLOCK in the points above yes. Anyway, don’t get the wrong click so that you can enjoy our content, yes, gan. Thank you for all your support. Enjoy!

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